Service Schedule

9:00 & 10:45

One Service @ 10:00 am on

5/29, 9/4 and the month of July

Both services are identical in style and length and we welcome people from all backgrounds and beliefs. Dress in whatever is comfortable for you...some people wear shorts and others wear suits so you'll fit right in no matter what your preferences are!  



We are located on the westside of Indianapolis off of I-465 and Rockville Rd.

See location on map here.

Sports Ministries

At Westlake we believe that fellowship with other Christians is a vital part of an everyday Christian life. We plan several activities to bring the whole church family together.

The Sports Ministry team organizes a ski retreat weekend, usually in February and runs a volleyball league from January - March.  During the school year the men, high school and older, play basketball at the church on Monday nights at 7 p.m.   In the summer there are several softball teams competing in local leagues.

Open Gym Basketball (November - March)
Softball - Men's & Women's Leagues (May - October)
Volleyball  - Co-ed  (January - March)